Riding the Peak Oil Wave

Peak Oil. It's been around since oil met science, but this generation will come face to face with its consequences. Perhaps no other generation has had as much to lose or gain as those alive today. What are you doing to prepare? How will you make sure your genes go forward? What kind of world can we build to replace this one?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I was recently passed on my way to work by an angry guy in a Hummer. He flipped me off because I was only driving 60 MPH in the 4th lane of six on the freeway. I do this because I use my commute to think, and going 60 conserves gas - costs less for me. His license plate said it all - "GR8 XS".

There are tons of resources for those interested in talking about Peak Oil and arguing about the when and why of it. Whether anybody wants to admit it or not, we are at the doorstep of Peak Oil. I know - it is my business. I have watched it coming since I was a kid, subconsciously getting psyched and ready for it.

But what are people doing? I mean, talk is talk. Peoples lips move, sounds come out, eardums move and sounds turn into speech again. But what are people actually doing to prepare for what could happen? Are there really women gutsy enough to think about this? Or talk about it? Most will not - they change the subject rapidly and retreat to anything else. My wife is a premier example, God bless her. And yet it is coming whether we want it or not. If you are reading this, it is YOUR LIFE we are talking about! I just sent my parents to a small town to make them better able to weather the changes that MIGHT happen soon...

Nobody knows yet how hard it will hit us, which is directly related to how fast it happens. We are already in a war over oil control - be patriotic enough to admit this. There are all kinds of websites and blogs talking about the potential problems. And lots of waay left-leaning commune-types pushing their specific solutions. Most of these involve us becoming a simple agrarian society. I am not buying that - the technical genie has been out of the box too long.

So what is everybody doing? What can we do to make our childrens world better when cheap energy (oil, coal) has been the cornerstone of civilization for over 200 years? Where can we go now? What do each of you want to do about this, or because of it? How angry does it make you that your parents and grandparents pissed a lot of cheap oil away just taking vacations in an air-conditioned RV? Oil that they will never miss, and that you might be asked to die for?